Investiture in London

June 30 2007

The Priory of England held its Annual Investiture at the St James's, an Anglican Church, in Marble Arch, London W2 on Saturday June 30th. 2007. The Solemn Service of Investiture began with a procession of all members assembled in St Jemses's, Church. The Order was invited to attend this function by the Visitors and Ceremonial Office. This was a most enjoyable service, and the Order of Saint Stanislas was given reserved seats alongside other dignitaries. This investiture was held in the presense of our Prince Grand Master, HSH The Count Juliusz Nowina - Sokolnicki, and his wife, the Countess Nowina - Sokolnicki, assisted by Grand Prior of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Dame Mervyn Redding and the Chaplain of the Order Reverend Cannon Derek Buxton

Four postulants were invested, among them John Garbutt, Esq well known
banker from the City of London.  Reverend Cannon Derek Buxton in his
speech which began the ceremony reminded the history of the Order and
among other things he said * Never ever shall a Chevalier talk bad about
another , this is the law of the brotherhood*.  Chevaliers and Dames of
the Order actively took part in the church ceremony singing hymns which
were provided in print for each Chevalier before the ceremony started. 
I must say that such a beautifully led ceremony I didn´t see anywhere in
the World.

The Anglican Church  is well known for beautifully arranging its church
ceremonies and music for each occasion.  At this moment I would like to
thank Reverend Cannon for taking care of our Order in the United Kingdom.

After the Investiture we gathered in the Victory Club Marble Arch, the
British Military Officers Club, for the evening ceremonial supper.  In
the friendly  and attentive atmosphere , we listened to the Fraternal
speech of the Grand Master and finished the very special day by raising
toast to Her Majesty the Queen,  Elizabeth II.

In the coming November we are planning to get together in the Victory
Club again.



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